General Expectations

When we visit your church, these are some general expectations.

Our Purpose

First and foremost, we come with the expectation and desire to exalt Christ. We are messengers, not entertainers. We sincerely hope that each person will be motivated to think of Jesus Christ long after we are gone. The ministry is not about self promotion, merchandising, donor lists, etc. The focus of this ministry is three-fold: to call attention to the return of Jesus Christ, to proclaim the Gospel to those who are lost, and to encourage believers to boldly share the love of Christ.

Flexible Cooperation

We are coming to supplement the ministry of the local church. Therefore, we are pleased to work with the pastor and local leadership to help in every way possible. Invitations may be accepted for preaching ministry (Ken), women's conferences (Jennifer), leading praise and worship, or simply sharing a few songs and testimonial comments. We will also be involved in personal evangelism during our stay in your city or country. Our outreach in your community will begin immediately at the airport, train station, hotel, or restaurant. We have an urgent message of God's love and grace to declare. His will is our desire and prayer.


We do not charge a specific fee. However, offerings do allow us to increase our worldwide outreach. Travel is expensive, but many small churches in foreign locations have very limited financial resources. In many third world countries, it is more important for us to contribute to the local church and take none of their resources. Furthermore, there may be legal issues with regard to accepting money in certain countries. Occasionally, it is only possible to obtain a tourist visa. Therefore, the receipt of foreign currency may be tightly regulated.

Travel Arrangements and Accommodations

For domestic travel in the southeastern United States with a radius of two hundred miles or less, we will frequently drive.

Scheduling of domestic and international transportation and hotels will generally be made by our office, usually booked and paid in advance.

If we do not use a rental vehicle at your destination, local transportation to the service would certainly be appreciated.


We place a high value on fellowship in the body of Christ. We look forward to meeting the leadership, members, and visitors of the church.

If we share a meal together, Jennifer and I are allergic to shrimp. Therefore, we generally avoid shellfish altogether. We realize that churches may have other scheduled obligations after the service and we are flexible. On occasion, we may be traveling some distance between a morning and evening service.

Sound Equipment

If we are driving our SUV, we will be equipped with a sound system adequate for a medium sized facility up to 500-1000 people. Our rack is prewired and our system only requires 10-15 minutes setup time.

We may use our system for monitors and provide an output feed to the local church system or provide a soundtrack feed to the local church system.

If we are traveling by air, rail, or ship, a local sound system or amplifier will be needed. We will be equipped with a Tascam DR-05 digital player and/or a tablet computer. We will have adapter cables for 1/8" stereo, 1/4" stereo, RCA stereo, 1/4" mono, XLR mono output, and a two channel Harmon Kardon Bluetooth receiver.

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